The Secret to doing “Freebies” Correctly

This Chiropractor is Botching it on Facebook
by Ben Adkins email on May 2, 2018

Today I ran across a local Chiropractor advertising on Facebook here in my little town of Jonesboro AR… and it made me cringe.

The office is running a Facebook Ad and offering a “Free Exam and Xrays” to anyone that calls in. This is a standard Chiropractic offer that I’ve seen being run for years (and poorly in 99% of the cases).

So… Why does this Ad and Offer Bother me so Much?

In Short, it severely devalues what the Chiropractor does (but probably not in the way that you might think).

The problem isn’t that the office is giving away something for free. The problem is that they are giving away something for free without adding context to why a person might want it.

The Lesson:
Freebies without Context Devalues the Business.

The Secret to doing “Freebies” Correctly
Giving away free stuff is super powerful if you know how to do it correctly. When you give away free stuff the right way it serves to drive targeted business without attracting poor quality customers and leads.

So how would we help the Chiropractor in the example from above? We need to help the Chiropractor ad context to his offer of a free exam and xrays. We do this by Micro-niching the offer down to a specific subset of who he’s after.

Why Micro-niching matters here:
Instead of offering the free exam and xrays to anyone and everyone out there, the Chiropractor could do the following:

1. Target only people who are having low back pain.

2. Educate those people on what the probably causes of the low back pain are.

3. Educate those same people on the possible solutions for their issue.

4. Educate those people on why an exam and xray is needed to help them identify the exact cause so they can get to that solution.

5. Educate those people on the possible long term issues if they don’t take action.

6. FINALLY… Offer the Free Exam and Xray package.

Why “Context” Made the Offer 10x more Valuable:
We took the exact same offer that was initially devaluing what our Chiropractor does, and we put it into a context that made it important for the target consumer. By micro-niching we were able to show why the offer of “free” had a ton of value.

Most People leave it up to the consumer to find the value in an offer… and that is where most people mess it up.

The question that should be on your mind…

How in the world do I put my offer into “context” so that it converts for them?